New MS Export is a well -known merchant exporter with a variety of international brands under its wings . From Cavin Care, Topaz, Actionware, Habsolite, United Footwear, Daichi, Supera DF to many other brands . Our expertise is in efficiently loading mixed goods into containers of 40 feet and 20 feet . Our primary goal is to lower costs for importers and provide the best service that are efficient and effective. We are not hindered by borders when it comes to exporting goods, since we are able to serve customers across the globe. New MS Export is one-stop solution that offers a wide range of products to choose from .
We have developed deep and lasting relationships with transloading, processing facilities, grain elevators, farmers, and freight forwarders to offer our customers with the most competitive prices and the best quality products . Our dedicated and highly skilled team works closely with our clients, providing them with personalized solutions to ensure that you enjoy seamless service from the moment you place your order until delivery .
We are proud to be an honest and reliable business partner who can provide effective and cost-effective solutions for export. With many years of expertise in the business of export we have accumulated an extensive understanding of global market trends as well as customer preferences. This allows us to provide a wide range of products that satisfy an array of demands from consumers. We continue to expand and expand our reaches but remain determined to build strong partnerships and exploring new markets and ensuring that our customers are always satisfied. Our goal is to become the preferred merchant exporter for companies around the world and providing them with a single-stop solution to their diverse needs. So, you are in the exactly the right place at the right time to meet your needs in every way.

We Deal Globally

We are a merchant exporter. We serve internationally, including Myanmar (Yangon), Cambodia, USA, Singapore, Dubai, Africa, Malaysia . We have partnerships with multinational brands such as Cavin Care’s– Nyle Shampoo, Indica Hair Colour and other beauty products. Topaz’s– Shaving Blade and Toothbrush. Actionware’s– Kitchenware Items. Habsolite’s – Helmet, United’s- Footwear and Shoes , Daichi’s– Swing Machines and Overlocks Machines .Supera DF’s- Gel Pen and Ball Pen . Kolhapur’s– Bed Sheets, Maruti’s– Pressure Cookers and many more brands. You can satisfy all your needs with the most efficient extract trade deals under the umbrella of “New MS Export.”